Medea’s Got Issues: Chicago Editorial Photographer: Creative M Studios

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of photographing Medea when she was in Chicago promoting her new play. She might have murdered her sons to get back at her cheating husband, but maybe Medea’s not so crazy after all. Medea’s Got Some Issues, is showing at Stage 773 through March 26, 2016. It is a critically acclaimed, award-winning one woman show by playwright Emilio Williams. In this Euripides’ classic tragedy Medea gets flipped on its head, transforming the dark tale into a comic parody, and it is hilarious! Stage 773’s sassy and uninhibited version of the story finds Medea justifying her decision to punish her unfaithful husband. She tells the tale from her point of view, explaining the mitigating factors that led to her horrific actions, it is not to be missed.